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"I subscribed for your daily newsletters for a while and I read you guys each and every day. I am an active FX trader and analyst for more than 5 years, have been working for well-known brokerage firms and investment funds. I have subscribed for several different newsletters, analysis providers (yes, the biggest investment banks of the world included), etc... and I have to say that what you do and how you do it, is of word-class quality without any doubt! :) I especially like how you approach the market, the risk events and the different market situations. Keep up the good work and be proud of you content, it's really one of the best quality available on the market right now! Congrats!" - Matt

 "Dealing in Forex since 1971, both as a bank trader and an Interbank-broker I have seen some far more turbulent markets than we have now. I assisted "live" to the abandoning by various European Central banks of the Dollar peg in May 1971, not to speak of the following roughly 5 years, during which forex was mainly an European business. No internet either at that time. I happened to be the first non bank dealer in Geneva/Switzerland working on live charts built then by an outfit called Infotec in Geneva, but no longer existing. I would like to congratulate you for the thoughtfulness of your analysis, the pertince of the underlying arguments and the discipline you impose on yourself when taking a position. (...) Your trading recommandations give me some good ideas and very often prevent me from entering a silly position." - Werner

 "I have been reading your contents and following the signals for a month. I like the way you trade. Great service and reliable signals. Thank you for your research." - Mary

 "Dear Growth Aces, I'm writing just to thank you. My trading has DRAMATICALLY improved since I started following your analysis and signals." - Giovanni

 "Your forex trading strategies profitability is just unbelievable. Thank you, guys!!!" - Dan

 "I would like to thank you for the really good advise . you are really good ! Thanks again !!!!!!" - Fabio

 "Loving the daily updates. Keep up the good work." - Jon

 "I have just recently discovered your wonderful service and I would like to thank you .It's extremely useful and would now feel lost without it." - Manoj

 "Hello guys. I have been following your analysis, and I really like it. Its been pretty accurate. Keep up the good work!" - Nesha

 "Please just pass on my well wishes to the team, you are absolutely brilliant. I am up 200% in 2 months of subscribing." - Daniel

"I appreciate your ability condense a complex array of factual information and highly detailed, expert analyses to an easy-to-understand summary with clear, common-sense guidance, and predictions that have proven reliable. It's obvious you know what you're doing and put a lot of hard work into providing a very valuable service." - Peter

 "I am impressed at your accuracy. I have only been using you for a short time but have increased my portfolio value by 30% in a month." - Kevin

 "Your information allows me to make decisions that I feel good about. The trade lately has been a real blender, even though, I move forward with confidence. Granted, I spend hours a day on research and following the markets, I can go forward honestly feeling that I am making smart, well informed decisions. To me, this piece of mind is almost priceless." - Roger

 "Your conclusions leave little doubt on where you stand on the market at that time and what action a person should take with their money. Most importantly you are willing to make timely changes in you conclusions when the charts indicate a change in direction." - Robert

 "Your forex signals great. I am up 40% in a month. Thank you. The main benefit is the confidence your reports gives me to act on my own judgment." - Sam

 "Great service!!! I am almost gaining too much trust in your analysis and losing any skepticism. This can be dangerous for a trader!!!" - Ivan

 "Great newsletter. I always appreciate your analysis, especially when things are a bit tenuous as they appear to be today." - Jack

 "You are fantastic. I wish I would have found out about you earlier. You would have saved me a lot of money!" - Leon

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