Trading Strategies Results 2017

Please find latest results on our trading strategies below:

2017 Trading Results

We assume $10,000 trading account to calculate amounts in USD.


March was a volatile month for our portfolio. We recorded some losses in the first half of the month, but last two weeks were really impressive with huge profits on SILVER, EUR/USD and AUD/USD positions. Our portfolio rose by 20.1% in March, which increased our year-to-date yield to 41.4%.


February was a relatively calm month on currency markets and our trading activity was low. We made a solid profit on USD/JPY strategies. On the other hand, we recorded losses on our long EUR/USD strategy after we had been wrong-footed by a rather dovish Fed statement after January 31-February 1 meeting. Our year-to-date trading result has not changed a lot vs. the end of January.


We recorded a nice profit of 23.5% on short-term strategies in January. The best results were reached on USDCAD and EURUSD strategies. High volatility of the GBP coming from political uncertainty around Brexit resulted in losses on EURGBP and GBPJPY strategies. Only two long-term strategies were closed in January and monthly result on this portfolio is neutral (-0.16%).


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